Is DIY Pest Control and Prevention Really Necessary?

If you are anything like me, DIY pest control and prevention is not on my priority list..

Well, at least, it didn't used to be until a male raccoon found its way into my attic where a mamma raccoon fearlessly defended her little ones at around 2 a.m. The fighting went on for about an hour, our own 16 month old baby was just as scared as my wife and I did not know what to do.

pest control DIY Pest Control

I did not heed the warning of "good pest prevention" and control the previous year when our home was invaded by horrific FLEAS.

They stuck around for months, at that time our baby was about 3 months old, he seemed to be their favorite meal, you may imagine how I felt and what was going through my mind.. again.. I did not know what to do!!!!

Now.. I can tell you one thing with certainty.. I don't put pest control and prevention at the bottom of my priority list!!! Neither should you..

Needless to say, I relied on my pest exterminator friends during those trying months.

Doing My Own, DIY Pest Control

Spending the money on professionals who were charging me upwards of $500 just to come out and "try" to remove the raccoons was not going to be an option for us.. even if I had been willing to spend the money, it was just too expensive!!!

Instead, 2 of my friends who are professional pest exterminators guided me through what needed to be done, and it worked better than I thought it would.

The idea for this site came from our experiences with pests (living in Florida, they are more frequent than we would wish), and the need there is for a site where true professionals can put together all their experience and wisdom while making it readily available for people who may not be able to afford a professional or are simply unwilling to pay somebody for doing a job you can do yourself, and best of all, for FREE!

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Scottsdale Pest Control .com Disclaimer Statement
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