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Atomic Bee Control is highly respected in the state of Arizona for our expertise, particularly in Africanized honey bees. We have highly trained professionals who only perform bee related services statewide and all of our services are guaranteed.

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Atomic Pest Control provides an emergency rapid response to service calls in Scottsdale and the rest of Arizona. Our professionals are prepared with specially designed equipment to effectively treat bees in any area.

If you've been paying any attention to the News then you know that Killer Bee attacks are a very real problem in Arizona. This is not to say that other types of bees and wasps are not a threat to you and your little ones.

Here you'll find a quick guide and information about the most predominant bees around Arizona, how to recognized them and what to do if you happen to come across any of them.

Bee Spread in the United States

honey bees map Spread of Bees in the U.S.

The Africanized Killer Bee: aggressively attacks people and animals in swarms of thousands, often resulting in severe injury and sometimes death.

Note: these attacks often occur without provocation;

Your best defense against them is ensuring your property (and surrounding areas) does not present attractive nesting sites. Some of these sites may include,

  • hollow trees
  • walls
  • porches
  • sheds
  • attics
  • utility boxes
  • garbage containers
  • trash piles
  • abandoned vehicles
  • Etc.,

As mentioned before your best defense against Killer Bees, and every other kind of pest, is keeping your property from presenting a nesting place and of course cleanliness will keep most bugs and pests away from your home. (and of course call Atomic Bee Control)

africanized honey bees
Africanized Honey Bees

Descendants of southern African bees imported in 1956 by a prominent Brazilian geneticist, Warwick Kerr.
honey bees
Honey Bees

The honeybee was introduced from Europe and is the best known of our bees because of its value to our economy.
bumble bee
Bumble Bees

There are approximately 50 known species of honey bees in North America, today. The Gold Northern Bumble Bees are typically found in central or southern Arizona regions.
Carpenter Bee
Carpenter Bee Control

The most common species of carpenter bee that occurs in Arizona is the 'valley carpenter bee'.
Green Bee
Sweat Bee

An abundant group of bees found around farms as they are also attracted to alfalfa fields.

Sweat Bees carry pollen on special long hairs on their body and hind legs.
leafcutter bees
Leafcutter Bees

Bees that use leaves and flower petals to make their nests. There are approximately 140 known species of leafcutter bees found in the United States.
digger bees
Digger bees

Sand bees are solitary bees that dig nests in the ground, leaving small mounds of dirt aboveground.

Here Are Some of the Most Asked Questions We Get From Our Customers

I have bees on my property and they appear to be calm and haven't bothered me. They are probably not Africanized bees, right?

All bees in the southern part of Arizona are considered Africanized unless they are in managed hives that is kept by beekeepers. Africanized bees do not always display aggressive behavior all of the time. All colonies of bees should be considered potentially dangerous and a professional should be called to remove a hive whether they seem aggressive or not.
There is a massive ball of bees hanging from a tree branch in my yard. I didn't see them there a couple days ago. What do I do?
If there is a cluster of bees hanging from a branch and it has just arrived, it is a swarm. A swarm will rest while scout bees locate their new home. When the scout bees locate a home, they will return to the cluster of bees and communicate the distance and direction of the new location; all of the bees will then take flight to their new home Ð this process usually takes 1-3 days. It is a good idea to have the swarm removed because there is a possibility that the new location may be in an area around your home.

Why Should You Chose Atomic Pest Control?

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  • Our bee control division is well known and highly respected throughout Arizona

  • This division only performs bee related services.
  • All services are fully guaranteed
  • Emergency rapid response service statewide
  • Beehive removal
  • Pheromone Enhanced Bee-Trapping
  • Honeycomb Extractions
  • And much more

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