Venomous Arizona Scorpions, Which Ones Have Deadly Stings?

There are approximately 56 species of Arizona scorpions.

All scorpions sting (they aren't scorpion bites) and inject venom, but only one scorpion stings are classified as potentially deadly in the United States. The Arizona Bark scorpion. Oh, how fortunate for us ;).

arizona scorpions Scorpion Pest Control

Most calls to Poison Centers for scorpion stings occur during the perfect scorpion habitat season, from April through October.

Special Precautions Tips Against Dangerous Scorpions

arizona scorpions Arizona Scorpions

Because children under six years of age are more likely to develop severe symptoms if stung, special care should be taken if you are visiting or live in an infested home:

  • Children should be protected in their cribs/beds. To prevent the bark scorpions from climbing up, place the crib/bed legs in glass jars.
  • To keep the scorpions from coming into the crib/bed sideways, move the crib away from the wall and be that blankets and sheets do not touch the floor or walls.
  • Scorpion control can prevent scorpions from dropping in, you need to install a scorpion shield against any desert scorpion. Hang a piece of flat plastic, or other flat smooth board that is bigger that the size of the crib, several inches from the ceiling.
  • Place double-sided sticky tape around the inside of the board. Scorpions will then fall onto the board and get stuck, rather than fall into the crib/bed.

    Dangerous Arizona Scorpions

    Arizona Bark Scorpion

    Desert Hairy Scorpion

  • Check the crib/bed in advance of putting the child to bed.
  • Shake out all clothing and shoes before putting them on the child.
  • Have the child wear shoes at all times and be especially careful around hot tubs and pools in the evening.

All of the above precautions also apply to adults, particularly the elderly and those suffering with allergies or respiratory conditions. (good scorpion pest control is essential)

Signs and Symptoms of an Arizona Scorpions Sting (Scorpion Stings Treatment)

arizona scorpions Arizona Scorpions

A sting by one of the other 55 types of scorpions will feel similar to that of a wasp with local swelling and pain.

Young infants and children are at greater risk of serious symptoms.

A major problem is identifying that a scorpion sting has occurred because there will not be a visible mark or swelling.

The child will be hurting and upset, and then the eyes will start moving in an uncoordinated, roving manner.

In some instances the child may become hyperactive with accompanying facial twitching and heavy drooling. Seek treatment by a professional.

Call the Arizona Poison & Drug Information Center at 1.800.222.1222 to receive first aid instructions about specific scorpion stings species and determine if the victim needs further medical care.

For more information and scorpion facts or scorpion species visit their website

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