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We have recently redesigned our website in order to provide you with services that were previously not available.

Our main focus is to bring you solutions to your extermination and pest questions while providing you with help should a trained professional be required.

We have tried to make it very clear throughout every page in our website that the best and most effective way of controlling pests is prevention by keeping the home clean while taking extra care of certain areas.

I know sometimes it seems so overwhelming and frustrating to even know where to begin.

So, our biggest advise is to subscribe to our monthly e-Zine (Electronic Magazine) where we'll give you quick tips on how to keep your home free from foreign invaders. :-)
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The magazine is tailored for Arizona residents but can apply for other regions of the world where similar climate conditions may be found.

Arizona is not just desert, we have a wide variety of climates, most of which see all four seasons.

Our visitors rely on us to find them solutions for their pest problems, this includes "do it yourself" advise or finding you a professional to take care of your pest problems.

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