Bird Pest Control, Here Are Some Do It Yourself (DIY) Solutions for the Most Common Birds

Bird Pest Control Common Problems

If you're doing your own bird pest control keep in mind that these cute little creatures, as well as innocent looking, are capable of bringing all kinds of problems everywhere they go ranging from health problems for humans to enormous amounts of grain and vegetable crops losses every year.

Also birds, like pigeons, are more than willing to bring tiny creatures that will make your life miserable such as ticks, mites and the horrible fleas. Any of these will make your life completely miserable if they were to gain any access into your home.

bird pest control Pest Control Birds

Bird droppings can also become a serious issue not only because of health hazards, which in many cases can be borderline dangerous but also because somehow they love to drop them (pardon the pun) all over the driveway and especially on my car.

As you may know, droppings can seriously damage a vehicle's paint and finish.

A Moderately Effective and Preventative Approach To Bird Pest Control

Three of the most common birds in the United States are pigeons, sparrows and starlings. I can guarantee you've ran into a few of these throughout your lifetime.

I have written specific pages with specific instructions on how to deal and control each one of these birds (click on the links above for a description of each) but the most common ways of dealing with all 3 are the following.

  • Multi pronged attachments which can be fastened to structures around your home such as ledges, eaves, and other areas where you have probably noticed birds love to congregate.

    These multi pronged attachments have a sort of porcupine shape to them and their purpose is to make it really hard for any bird to land on your property or anywhere near. And if you're really lucky, they'll even tell their friends not to even come close to your home! :-)

  • Another great product for bird pest control is the famous sticky gel, which also works well on ledges. It comes in a caulking tube, which makes for easy and even application of about 10 linear feet per tube.

A Chemical Approach Pest Control

In recent years there has been a number of companies offering chemical solutions to aid you in your bird control endeavors, the only problem I find is that the good old-fashioned way of dealing with birds is way more effective, yes it requires a little more work, but you won't run the risk of killing other unintended animals or other unintended consequences.

But that's your call, I know that Eaton's 4 The Birds offers a wide array of products to help you pest control birds in a responsible way.

Specific Bird Control Guides

Now that you know the basics click on these links for specific instructions on how to deal with each one of the most common birds you will likely encounter.

pigeon pest control Pigeon Control

starling control Starling Control

sparrow bird control Sparrow Control

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