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Atomic Pest Control provides professionally trained technicians dedicated to weed control services in the state of Arizona.

Atomic Pest Control provides peace of mind to their Arizona customers. "Where Reliability and Consistency Counts."

weed control Weed Removal in Arizona

You don't have to worry about explaining the same problem to different technicians that come to your home; we make sure that we are consistent in sending the same technician to service your home.

We work hard to make sure that the service we provide is done right the first time and is completed in a timely manner.

Our business is to ensure that you have peace of mind knowing that your property is protected from weeds and any other unwanted pests.

Atomic Pest Control Offers the Best Weed Products Available.

We offer the best products and train our technicians on the latest technology available. The products we use are the industries finest, most effective, and environmentally friendly.

All of our products (which include, lawn weed control products, natural weed control, etc.,) are mixed at the proper EPA levels to provide our Arizona customers with the best pest control and weed control products.

Accredited Weed Services

Our technicians are accredited by the state of Arizona and are dedicated to weed services in the state of Arizona.

We have a weed division dedicated to providing you with a specifically designed treatment plan to fit your weed needs that will help reduce lawn maintenance costs; your satisfaction is guaranteed. Here are some of our services.

  • Chemical weed control
  • Garden weed control
  • Lawn care weed control
  • Pasture weed control
  • Vegetable garden weed control
  • Control in flower beds

Our technicians are there to answer any questions that you may have; our goal is to make sure that you have all the information you need to make informed decisions on treatment approaches for your home.

Weed Services

Coming soon, a complete list of all the weeds found in Arizona and how calling Atomic will help you control them.

Alkali heliotrope, Chinese parsley, quail plant
Annual bluegrass, walk grass
Annual golden eye
Annual sow thistle
Annual yellow sweet clover, sour clover
Bare stem larkspur
Barnyard grass

Bitter rubber weed, bitter weed
Black medic, nonesuch, hop medic
Black mustard |
Bluestem prickle poppy

Broadleaf milkweed
Broadleaf plantain, common plantain, ripple seed plantain
Broom snakeweed
Brown top panicum
Buckhorn plantain, ribwort, narrow leaf plantain
Buffalo bur, Colorado bur, Mexican thistle, and Texas thistle
Bur clover

Camel thorn
Canada thistle
Canaigre, wild rhubarb

Cluster dock, green dock
Coast fiddle neck, coast buckthorn
Common cocklebur
Common lambs quarters
Common mullein
common purslane, parsley, pusley, wild portulaca
coulter spiderling, coulter boerhaavia
creeping woodsorrel, creeping oxalis
crownbeard, golden crownbeard
curly dock

desert baileya, desert marigold
desert saltgrass, inland saltgrass, seashore saltgrass, marsh spikegrass, saltgrass
desert senna, cove senna
desert thornapple

desert tobacco
feather fingergrass
field bindweed
field sandbur
fingerleaf gourd, fingerleaf coyote melon
fivehook bassia, smother weed
fly mushroom, fly amanita, fly agaric
fringed pigweed
gambel oak, shinnery
golden corydalis

gordon bladderpod
green foxtail, green bristlegrass, bottlegrass
greenspored mushroom, morgan lepiota, greenspored lepiota
hairy bowlesia
halogeton, barilla
hemp sesbania, colorado river hemp, big-podded sesbania
hoary cress, whitetop
hog potato, pignut
horse purslane

junglerice, watergrass

kings lupine
lambert crazyweed, lambert loco, point loco, purple loco, white loco

leafy pondweed
little mallow, cheeseweed
littleseed canarygrass

malta starthistle, tocalote
mexican sprangletop

monolepis, patota, patata
narrowleaf goosefoot
nettleleaf goosefoot
new mexico copperleaf
nuttall milkvetch
orange caltrop, mexican poppy, summer poppy, arizona poppy
palmer amaranth, carelessweed
pingue, colorado rubberweed

red spiderling
red sprangletop
redstem filaree, filaree, alfilaree, alfilaria
rescue brome, rescue grass

rocky mountain iris
rubber rabbitbrush, big rabbitbrush

sacred datura, indianapple, tolguacha
saltcedar, tamarisk
sand peppergrass
scarlet morningglory, red morningglory, starglory
seepwillow baccharis, seepwillow, waterwally
silky sophora
silverleaf nightshade, white horsenettle, trompillo
silversheath knotweed
silverweed cinquefoil, silverweed
sixweeks grama
sixweeks needle grama, needle grama
skeletonweed eriogonum
slimleaf bursage, bursage ragweed
slimpod senna, longpod senna
small groundcherry
small matweed
smallflower gaura, velvetweed
southwestern cupgrass
spiny aster, mexican devilweed

spurred anoda

tall morningglory
threadleaf groundsel
trailing four o'clock
tree tobacco
tuberous sida

western bracken, bracken, bracken fern, brake fern, eagle fern
western clammyweed, clammyweed
western honey mesquite and velvet mesquite
western sneezeweed, sneezeweed, orange sneezeweed
western whorled milkweed, horsetail milkweed, poison milkweed
wheelscale saltbush
white clover
white sweetclover
whitethorn, mescat acacia

wild celery

If you need more information or have a problem with any type of weed please call us and one of our professionals (weeds are their specialty) will answer any question you may have or send a Weed Removal Professional to assist you.

NOTE: We have some of the most qualified Weed Removal professionals in the field and can be dispatched all over the State of Arizona although we are based in beautiful Scottsdale.

Don't forget to check back with us for updates, news, facts, and more.

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