Bats Driving You Crazy? Bat Pest Control Is Simple To Do

There are just a few important facts about bat pest control you need to know before we start removing these winged, furry and quite ugly flying mammals.

Ok, I'll make you a deal, I'll give you the facts at the end but you have to promise to read them, otherwise you might not be able to get rid of the bat whose become a pest.

We have to do it right the first time, right?

bat pest control Pest Control Bats

Fast Bat Facts

Size: 3 to 4 Inches Long
Weight: 1 to 3 Ounces
Type: Mammal
Diet: Carnivore
life span: 15 Years
Protection status:

You will constantly find us throughout this site referring to a tricky little word, "Prevention"!

What good does PREVENTION do you if you already have a this pest at home or in your property?

I am glad you asked.. ;-)

Prevention will help you realize what the problem was in the first place, if you have a good preventative plan in place it is going to result, not only getting rid of bats and keeping bats from coming back in the future, but it will help you prevent other pests from harassing you as soon as you get rid of your bat problem.

Building Out Bat Pest Control

Immediately after you notice bats in your attic you must formulate a plan to build them out.

Use a plastic bird netting for starters

You must be thorough, go through your whole attic attaching the netting everywhere you see a hole big enough - Don't underestimate them, they can fit in pretty small holes.

Use other netting, air vents, mesh, etc

The key here is to build them out, prevent them from coming back in.

Think about what can be strong enough and still allow for good ventilation in your attic. It has to be strong enough that a raccoon won't be able to tear it open and small enough that other critters won't be able to get through. A mesh, special air vents work real well for this.

What If It Gets Trapped In?

It you happen to build them in, instead of out, find yourself a fishing net and thick gloves, get the bravest person in the house and go after it. They are a lot more scary than they are dangerous, you'll be fine.

Further Bat Pest Control and Prevention

bat pest control Bat Pest Control

If your are really having problems with bats where you live you have two options.

1. call the county's animal control office. They should be able to give you some guidance.

2. Set up bat houses around your property, especially in the rear, should reduce your bat pest significantly.

Bat Characteristics and Must Knows!

Now, on to our deal, remember?

Knowing what you are dealing with when doing bat pest control is essential.

The single most important thing to remember about them is their use, they help you in controlling other more annoying pests like insects. A single bat can eliminate up to 1,000 insects in a single night! How would you like to do it yourself?

I would also like to add that bats help pollinate and add fertilizer to the ground with their droppings. They are helpful.. So only seek to get rid of them when they have come so near your home that they have become a pest.

I understand that most of us don't like the sight of them, some of us are even afraid that they might have rabies! You are unlikely to encounter a bat with rabies since the percentage is so small.

Their droppings are a whole lot more problematic. These droppings have been known to contain a fungal disease called histoplasmosis which can cause people lung problems.

Do you live in bat country?

The two main types of bats are the greater bats (Megachiroptera) and the lesser (Microchiroptera), between the both of them there have been recorded over 800 different known species of bats all over the world!

In the United States there are only about 40 of such species, what is curious about that is that out of 40, Texas is home to 32 of them alone!

Here's the biggest advise then, if you live in bat country or an are where bats are no strangers, keep your attic, church steeples and other dark and damp places clean.

As already outlined above, build them out! Don't give them a reason to come in and don't leave any holes completely open in your attic, if you do, bats are not the only pest that will make its residence in your home.

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