Do Your Own Bed Bug Control, So Mommy Won't Have To!

What was it mommy used to tell you at night? Don't let the bedbugs bite? Bed Bug Control is the first step to make mom proud..;-)

bed bug control Get Rid of Bedbugs

One of life's universal and basic necessities is sleep, uninterrupted and comfortably restful sleep.

With that in mind it becomes much easier to understand why bedbugs are one of the most annoying pests you'll encounter.

Prevention is everything but most people won't search bed bug control advise for preventative problems, so I'll assume that you are already experiencing the horror these little critters can bring.

Don't worry, I'll give you some preventative advise as well.

There's Something You Need To Know About Bedbugs Before You Begin Your Treatment

Bedbug Identification

Bedbugs Fast Facts

Size: 1/4 to 3/8 inches
Diet: blood
life span: 12 to 18 months
Protection status:

They are brownish, wingless and quite interesting.

This extremely annoying pest is no bigger than 3/8" and feeds on warm blood, once it is done feeding its color will change to a noticeable darker tone.

Where can you expect them

Bedbugs are only active at night. They hide in crevices, cracks and other dark places during the day, check your furniture, bed frames and mattresses.

The warmth of your body is what attracts them to you, it tells them "hey! Here's some food".

To identify the presence of this pest look for droppings, shedding, skins or carcasses. You will also notice a faint "almond" kind of smell.

The bite

Their poison is not dangerous but irritating to the skin. Expect a white, hard and swollen spot or bump. These bites are more irritating then painful, they will keep you up at night and will just keep coming and coming.

The good news is that it is unlikely that bedbugs will be carrying any deceases with them.

Preventative Bed Bug Control, Treatments

First habit you must develop. If you buy used items like books, furniture and clothing, check for bedbugs. It may surprise you to know that this pest can survive for many months without eating. Be extra careful with mattresses and other bedding items.

Buying used items is the most common way bedbugs gain access into a home and in your bedroom, be real careful with those cheap suit cases, books, clothing and furniture you bought on Craigslist!

Start Your Bedbug Control Without Chemicals

bed bug control Bed Bug Control

Since you know you are being bitten at night by bedbugs, check and vacuum your mattress, bedding items, furniture and anything else close to where you sleep. Don't forget the crevices and cracks in the floor, bed frame, legs, etc.

Once you've identified the infested item throw it out! It is really hard to get rid of bedbugs once they've found a home. If possible, wash and soak item in water of at least 125 degrees. Once you are finished wash it again and again.

Continue Your Bed Bug Control With Chemicals

The first thing you need to do is find a pyrethrum-based product.

Start by spraying the frame of your bed, get into any crack or crevice you find. Continue with the backboard and finish with the legs.

Very Important !! Do not spray mattresses, pillows, linens or other bedding items..

Don't give up on your first try, this method works but it will take some time before you start seeing results. The time-frame is going to depend on the severity of the infestation but you will start seeing results within a week.

You may also want to try Drione (silica aerogel dust), also known as simply "silica dust". Apply to your furniture and crevices everywhere close to where you sleep, as said before, never to your mattress, pillows, linens or other bedding items.

Make sure you read and follow all directions on the labels and do not use these two chemical products at the same time.

Effective Prevention, Avoid re-infestations

Now that you have rid yourself of this extremely annoying pest there's one last habit you must acquire should you wish to avoid re infestation.

  1. Make sure you go through your house and find cracks and crevices anywhere you can find them, apply a little dust or spray if you suspect population is taking place.

  2. Cleanliness, this one will help you with almost every common pest. Cleanliness is your best friend, so don't neglect it ;-)

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