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In order to do effective spider pest control you need to know where to find them. The best places where you can look are below but are by no means the only places where they hide.

spider pest control Arizona Spiders Pest Control

The best places where you can look are below but are by no means the only places where they hide.

You need to remember that they search for perfect environments where to reside. (I'll give the perfect conditions information in a minute)

Spider Webs

Spiders usually build their webs in or near:

  • rock walls
  • shrubs
  • trees
  • corners
  • storage rooms

Many spiders in arizona have a tendency to live in a sort of retreat area off their web.

They may be found in, around or under:

  • rocks
  • logs
  • debris
  • old litter

Be very, very cautious if you believe there are black widow spiders near you. ** Warning **

Watch out for their webs which are strong and sticky. You'll most likely see them near, under, or around

  • storage areas
  • plants
  • sheets of wood
  • cardboard

A good way you can do your own spider pest control is to collect them

One of the best ways of collecting spiders that have spun a web is to either wear a pair of heavy gloves and carefully grab the spider from out of its web. You can also use a stick to swirl the web trapping spiders.

After you've captured the spider you can use forceps to carefully remove the silk from around the captured spider. Locate retreating spiders and gently coax the spider out; you can also wait until night time when they come into the middle of the web.

Since any spider eyes will reflect light, easily locate them by shining a flashlight in a dark area or at night. You can then use any container to collect them.

Spider Control and Management

Pest control spiders easily and effectively.

First step, always be careful and pay attention to spiders in arizona.

A spider bite always carries an element of surprise and always happens at the most inconvenient time. Keep this in mind, especially when it's commonly known, that spiders are not commonly found indoors.

Start by checking clothing anyone puts it on; check behind furniture, around paper boxes, rubbish of piles, the attic, storage, etc. While you are doing this, keep in mind that scorpions can also be found in the same places. Stay alert!

Manage other pests as well.

spider pest control Arizona Spider Pest Control

Your household, yard and garden may be a home for pests like roaches, crickets etc. which serve a food for spiders.

Outdoor lighting should be kept to a minimum as it attracts luring insects which spiders feed upon; So by controlling other pests you'll actually be reducing spiders food supply.

Identify and destroy their webs, egg sacs, and other traces of spiders; you can accomplish this by brushing or vacuuming and using a fly swatter to crush them.

If you need to spray, do it at night, when spiders are active; use a pesticide labeled for use on spiders and safe for children. Always read labels and instructions. Should spiders get out of control don't hesitate to call spider exterminators for any type of help.

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