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Green Metallic Bee

The term Sweat Bee refers to a large family of bees that are attracted to salt on a human body. There are many different species of sweat-bees in the United States; approximately 1000 species.

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The most common one found in Arizona is the metallic green bee. They are easily distinguished by their brilliant color on their body.

They are generally black, multi-colored (usually green or blue), or a dull metallic brown on the head/thorax with bands of hair on their abdomen.

The female digs branching burrows in bare soil, laying eggs at the ends of the branches and providing her young with balls of pollen and nectar.

Bees Are Abundant in Arizona

An abundant group of bees found around farms as they are also attracted to alfalfa fields. They carry pollen on special long hairs on their body and hind legs.

Some are solitary and often quite small in size; 3-10mm. There is usually only a single generation of green bees per year. They sting only if handled.

If you need more information or have a problem with any type of bees please call us and one of our professionals (bee control is their specialty) will answer any question you may have or send a bee exterminator to assist you.

NOTE: We have some of the most qualified bee exterminators in the field and can be dispatched all over the State of Arizona although we are based in beautiful Scottsdale.

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