Here's Your Pigeon Pest Control Guide You Can Do Yourself

All bird control is important, especially when it comes down to pigeon pest control since these cute little birds are not only responsible for most droppings you see when you walk downtown at the park, but in recent years they have been known to carry such awful pests as ticks, mites and even fleas.

Is very unlikely that you have not ran into a pigeon at least once in your life, everybody has seen a pigeon and ran into at least one of their droppings :-)

I know! How can these little guys become pests? It seems unbelievable, but they do...

So now the question is how do we deal with these cute little birds in a way that can benefit us without causing them much harm, if at all.

pigeon pest control How to Control Pigeons

Common Pigeon Problems

Fast Facts

Size: 10-12 inch Long
Weight: 450 g
Diet: Leaves, seeds, root crops, fruit (like Ivy), buds, etc.
life span: Depends but up to 18 years
Protection status: None

Here are some of the most common problems related pigeons: You know that one dropping on your hair that one time? Yup! It was probably a pigeon. =)

On a serious note, there are two serious problems with pigeons that you need to be aware of.


I know that a lot of people are extremely finicky about animals in general, but especially about animal fluids and, in this case, bird droppings.

On the other hand, there is some truth to that when we consider that pigeon droppings contain ectoparasites, uric acids and other bacterial and fungal agents that can be highly corrosive and can end up damage and anything from metals, fabrics, and (most importantly to me) car paint.

Other pests pigeons bring with them.

The second problem with pigeons is the fact that they are going to be an almost for sure reason to get other pests into your property. Believe me when I tell you from experience, you want to reduce your chances of getting mites, ticks, and the horrible fleas.

Pigeon Description

pigeon pest control Pigeon Pest Control Guide

As I said before, nobody really needs a detailed description to be able to instantly recognize a pigeon!

But just in case, you will find these little guys almost everywhere, especially around areas where there's a lot of tourists, food and other public places like downtown areas near fountains.

They are usually gray in color with 2 black bars on top of their wings and a whitish sort of stripe on their breast. They usually walk around with those red legs and large groups, sometimes very unafraid of anything.

A Preventative Approach To Pigeon Pest Control

There are basically 3 options for effectively doing your own pigeon pest control.

1. Scare tactics or visual distractions.

These visual distractions are simply your typical scarecrows, hawks, owls and other natural predators made out of plastic you can purchase the next time you visit your local hardware store.

2. Repellents, mechanical controls.

A. Sticky Gel. Very easy to find and can readily be applied with the use of a caulking gun anywhere you see pigeons tend to congregate.

B. Sound Machines (Strees Machines). I see these things all the time, like the other day we were flying from Ohio back to our home in Jacksonville, in the airplane's Sky Magazine I saw a remarkable past control sound machine that apparently keeps all kinds critters such as birds and even down to other pests we might not be able to see with the naked eye away from your property.

All you have to do is plug it into the wall outlet and it will keep your house a lot more protected. I will be ordering the product soon and will be doing a pest control product review on this stress machine, so please make sure you subscribe to my updates so you won't miss it.

C. Bird Coil. This slinky type coil is basically rolled up wire that you can place on ledges or anywhere pigeons have been invading. The coil is very effective at repelling pigeons but it can make your house look a bit like a prison.

D. Bird Spikes And Other Projections. These are my favorite for couple of reasons, they are extremely effective as well as cost-effective. You attach them to ledges and walls and can be adjusted as needed.

They can be made of stainless steel or plastic and they look like porcupines.

E. Trappings. Don't let this method scare you, it is one of the most effective methods to doing your own pigeon pest control, simply take your time when choosing a trap, pre-bait it right in the area where pigeons are visiting the most.

Don't be surprised if you easily catch over 10 pigeons at a time!

A Chemical Approach Pigeon Pest Control

I am sure there are plenty of chemical remedies to control pigeons, many of which must be perfectly safe for birds, but even then, you should not need them! Most of the methods I have just described work very well and I can attest to that.

No chemicals needed.

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