Fleas on Cats Are Just as Tough and Stubborn As Any

Fleas on cats and the cat flea is the most common domestic flea around.

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Scientific Names: Ctenocephalides felis (Bouche)

Name: Cat flea

Cat Flea Description: Adult fleas grow to about 1/8 inch and are wingless, dark brown and hind legs made for jumping.

Larvae are white-ish in color and worm-like. Eggs are white and round.

Cat Flea Life Cycle: Female fleas lay eggs after feasting on host's blood.

Eggs tend to always fall to the ground near the host (fleas on cats and other animals accomplish this easily).

Whitish larvae will hatch from eggs in about 2 to 3 weeks. Larvae develop over 9-15 days under perfect conditions; under less than ideal it could take up to 200 days.

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The Cat Flea Can Become A Real Annoying Pest

Fully developed cocoons of silk become encrusted with soil debris and particles, which makes them hard to detect. This pupal time frame lasts between 7 days to one year before adults emerge.

But again, if temperature and humidity are ideal it will take between 30 to 75 days. Oh no, you have to do extensive cat flea control.

Atomic can take care of that for you!

Food sources of fleas on cats and on other mammals;

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Adult fleas' mouths are designed for penetrating skin and sucking blood, larvae possess chewing mouthparts.

Fleas on cats are called cat fleas and can survive on dogs and other wild and domestic animals (Pet flea control and cat flea treatment on all animals is essential).

Adults feast on blood for survival, egg growth; partially digested blood disposed as feces serves as food for larvae. New unfed adults are able to survive for weeks living off of their host.

Eggs can be collected by vacuuming or sweeping the ground around an infested pet or animal. Fleas on cats and other animals constantly drop eggs on the ground.

Dangers Associated With All Fleas, Including the Cat Flea

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Bites on both pets and humans are irritating and may transmit many diseases.

Any consumption of fleas might also result in transmission of tapeworms and other parasite.

If you are constantly scratching as a result of flea bites it can result in other skin problems, including allergic reactions.

Another head ache, which is often not mentioned when speaking about fleas is the pain that pets and other animals we watch over experience.

Your little kitty cat will have to go through a painful process if not detected early enough, so kitten flea control is of the essence.

Remember, flea prevention is your best line of defense.

Cat Flea Control and Management

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Learning how to control fleas, researching pet flea control products, cat flea medication.

However, cat flea medicine, pet flea medication, flea medicine for cats, and other flea treatment for cats are too complicated to go into any kind of detail here, but we will continuously update with recommendations.

Remember that the most important lesson here is learning how to keep it from entering your home.

Adult fleas can be collected from infested pets and other animals using a fine tined comb. Traps, using a light to attract them, place it above a water container or a sticky card. This is a well marketed way of controlling fleas.

Visit our management page here to learn about flea and tick control for cats, flea control for pets, and how to kill fleas and ticks.

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