Arizona Sun Spider, Easy Control and Removal Tips

Got a sun spider infestation? Don't worry, this spider (scorpion) is the easiest to control and remove.

Part 5 of our spider control series.

sun spider Arizona Spider Pest Control

It is very unlikely you will need the assistance of a professional pest control service in order to remove this spider.

And the reason is because this spider, which is also known as "wind scorpion," is your ally and has no intension in hurting you. So unless you handle them incorrectly, they are most likely helping your pest control than increasing it.

Wind Scorpion Habits

The wind scorpion is a beneficial spider to have around, though not inside your home.

They feed on all kinds of other pests, such as insects, spiders, critters, lizards, and whatever others they can get a hold of. If you get the management under control they can become a good pest to have around.

So don't be scared by their appearances, they are quite harmless.


A female wind scorpion will dig a burrow and lay around 50 eggs which she guards with her life until the young are done hatching. They'll grow up and move around in search for food.

Spider Pest Control

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They can usually be seen on pathways and roads during the day, but they are most active at night. They like to hide in cool and dark places, under rocks, inside homes and other buildings and underneath anywhere they can get cool.

Sun spider, also know as "wind scorpion" is commonly found throughout the United States, particularly in the southeastern region. They have some interesting and distinct features that set them apart from other spiders:

Characteristics: grow to be 1-3 inches long, yellowish or tan in color Wind scorpions do not spin webs to catch their prey; instead, they have large leg-like pedipalps on each side of the jaw, making them look like they have 5 sets of legs (instead of 4).

These pedipalps are sticky so that they can easily catch their prey. Often times when wind scorpions walk, they have these "arms" in the air so that they can easily move. They are great diggers and fast movers;

They spend most of their time underground and are most active in the desert where it is hot and arid.

Wind Scorpion Spider Control and Management

You are most likely to run into sun spiders at night inside your home. They are looking for their late night snack!!! If you see them don't be afraid, they are incapable of causing any serious harm to people, although you would never guess it by their looks.

The technical reason for this is due to the fact that they lack poison glands. But if you handle them, they will bite.

Sun Spider Control

sun spider Arizona Spider Control

It is unlikely that you will see a sun spiders infestation in your home, but if you do, visit our scorpion control page here for instructions on how to get rid of them.

If you only see one or a few around, here's the best way to control them:

The good old fashioned way,

simply pick them up and release them a good distance from your property.

To do this you need a jar and a piece of paper. Isolate the sun spider, place the jar over it, slip the piece of paper underneath the jar to prevent it from escaping, then seal it.

Now all you have left to do is seal your home so that they don't keep coming in. Use caulk to do this, start with windows, doors, pipes leading into the home and other openings. For complete details on how to do this and more spider pest control tips

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