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Little black ants are shiny and jet black measuring about 1/15 inches long.

They usually make their nests in open areas outside or in wood work, rotten wood, and masonry of buildings throughout the United States.

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Feeding mostly on plants, they are no strangers to invading homes and feeding on sweets, meats, bread crumbs, grease, fruits and vegetables.

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Their ant colonies normally are not numerous when in and around buildings. They can normally be controlled using minimal insecticide applications and/or utilizing baits.

Surveys need to be done inside and outside in order to locate all nests in or near the home or business. If an outdoor colony, it can be treated with residual insecticide; drench the nest site using a compressed sprayer.

Nests in walls and other voids are easily treated by injecting aerosol solution through the cracks and crevices and around base boards. If you are unable to get to the nests, toxic baits are effective if you place them on foraging trails.

Prevent ants from invading your property by removing all liter, objects, etc. under which any ant can make a nest; be sure and seal any cracks in exterior walls where ants can enter. For more information about the little black ant pest control please contact us...

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