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Pavement Ant Description

Small dark brownish ant 1/8-1/16 inch long with pale legs. Both queen and males ants are larger than workers ants.

pavement ant Ant Pest Control

Antennae and back legs are light colored, abdomen is all blackFound in Atlantic Coast, Midwestern, and Southern US; mostly found in Sun City areas in Arizona.

Places where these ants can be found

  • Found under rocks
  • gravel areas
  • walls
  • insulation
  • under floors
  • in homes with slab-on-grade construction.

Will get into houses through cracks in search for greasy and sweet foods.

Ants Eating Habits

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These ants are scavengers, anything they find, they'll eat within their territory.

They prefer sugary food; they also store seeds and grains in their nests for later use.

They have a mutualistic relationship with several other species of caterpillar.

Pavement ants drink the nectar produced by the caterpillars, and in return ants provide shelter and protect the caterpillars from predators.

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