Bermuda Grass: A Blessing and a Curse

Bermuda grass is one of the most destructive plants in Arizona and once it grows into crops, fields, lawns, and gardens it is almost impossible to clear out.

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Bermudagrass is one of the major causes and source of hay fever in the state. It is the most common summer lawn grass used in southern Arizona, but it cannot handle the freezing climates, but will tolerate even the driest of droughts.


A Weed With Many Uses

Bermuda Grass is grown throughout Phoenix during summer.

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This grass is able to withstand the desert's hottest cycles as long as it has enough water. Throughout the winter it becomes dormant, this means that it will give the appearance of being dead by becoming yellowish.

But below its surface it remains alive and awaits warmer weather. This process starts taking place in September and by around may it will return again to its usual green.

This life-cycle allows the Grass to remain and prevents replanting year after year; so if you desire a winter lawn, this can be a choice since it can be planted over dormant-Bermuda. Once temperatures start rising they will kill the winter lawn (around May) the Bermudagrass resurfaces.

The benefits of this grass are more than obvious, however it does not come without its own curse. First, it will rapidly fill damaged areas in the lawn without being able to control it, it can move into flower beds and other parts of the yard where it is not desired.

Your best way to prevent this is by bordering the lawn and undesired areas with a solid concrete or concrete brick border (wall) as well as adding a dirt/rock buffer zone outside the border and not water it.

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