Blue Weed: Removal, extermination, and pest control

Blue weed is one of the very few noxious weeds that are native to the state of Arizona.

It is a pest in sandy ditch banks, low drainage areas, dry lakes, roadsides, and cultivated lands.

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Blueweed is found in nearly all parts of Arizona.

It is most troublesome in the southern part of the region in the Navajo and Apache counties. It contains rhizomes that are cut into small pieces which then the seeds are dispersed into the ground and new plants start.

This weed is able to grow so fast and spread so quickly that it is able to wipe out an entire crop and crowd them out. Blueweed usually begins flowering around May and last through October.

Weed Characteristics and Information

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  • Blue flowers that have pink stamens and arranged on the upper side of short, scorpion-like tail stems;
  • Its leaves and stems are covered with small swollen fuzz or hairs at the base which are very stiff. These hairs will end up sticking to your skin if you don't wear gloves and other protective gear when handling; common sense is your best defense.
  • Average hight is about 1-3' tall
  • Reproduces through seed and may re-grow from crown blossoms from June through early fall
  • Produces seeds in a four-part nutlet and are long-lived and hard
  • Thrives in the sun
  • Does not respond well to shade
  • Native to Europe but found extensively in Arizona
  • Invades your lawn, ornamental areas, roadsides and range lands

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