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dandelion weed control Dandelion Weed Control

The dandelion, native of Europe, is one of the most common weed found in cultivated fields, croplands, roadsides, yards, gardens, pastures, and mountain ranges.

In Arizona, these weeds are the most hated weed pests in lawns.

Dandelions Weed Control for Lawns

A healthy lawn is the best defense against them; because we know that a well maintained lawn is less susceptible to weeds, diseases, insects, and other pests, here are a few tips to a healthy/pest free lawn which include over-seeding with the grasses you want to crowd out weed seedlings.

  • Mow your lawn often always remembering to leave the grass clippings on the grass as a fertilizer
  • Don't over-water; watering deeply and infrequently will build deeper roots

Physical Lawn Weed Control

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  • Inspect your lawn for any type of pests often, then pull them as necessary
  • Should they become too much to handle give us a call, but most often then not, you won't need to. So, pull out as much of the root as you can. Try doing this after watering (digging is most effective and easier in wet soil)
  • They are also easiest to pull when they are small seedlings
  • If you find lots of them in cracks, sidewalks, bricks, driveways, etc., try a flame weeder (also effective on graveled areas).

And if at last everything fails (or you are a little too busy) give Atomic a call.

We have dandelion weed control exterminators who do this every single day, that is all their specialty is, weeds!

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We are delighted to be able to serve your home or business in providing great services such as weed control in flower beds, weed control in lawns and much more.

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If you need more information about weed control for lawns or have a problem with any other type of weed please call us and one of our professionals (weed control is their specialty) will answer any question you may have or send a weed extermination expert to assist you.


NOTE: We have some of the most qualified weed exterminators in the field and can be dispatched all over the State of Arizona although we are based in beautiful Scottsdale.

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