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Cattails are plants that grow along marshy areas by rivers, streams, irrigations ditches, and flood lands.

They become problematic as they clog irrigation ditches and permanent ponds.

cattails weed control Cattail Weed Control

They usually begin flowering in May through July and are hard to get rid of once the dense stand is established.

There are two main types of them found throughout Arizona

The common cat tail and the southern cat tail.

The difference is that the common cat tail grows in fresh water or in slightly polluted water and is found in central and eastern Arizona.

The Southern cat tails grow in wet soils with salt content and can be found in the north central and southern parts of the region.

Characteristics and Uses

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In spring, cat tails shoot has an odorless, tender, white, inner core that tastes sweet, mild, and pleasant far cry from the bitter poisonous plants, or the spicy, fragrant calamus.

A major staple for the American Indians, who found it in such great supply without any need to cultivate it.

Cattails are found in

  • ditches
  • swamps
  • marshes
  • stagnant water

Finding them is a sure sign of water. But they've been found completely out of their habitat (in a dry and sandy pine forest) more than enough times.

When dealing with this weed you have two options, ~You can peel and eat them well into the summer, or call us to get rid of them for you.

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