Climbing Milkweed: Keeping Climbing Weeds Away from your Property

Common Weed Names: Climbing Milkweed, Fringed Twinevine.


milkweed control Climbing Milkweed Control

Climbing milk weed is a weed that grows prominently in arid areas and is problematic in ranches.

The Climbing milk-weed will climb up trees, fences, and ditches to find its way through gardens and lawns.

Lifetime: Perennial

Growth Habit: Vine, Herb/Forb

Native Status: Arizona Native

Habitat: Riparian; along washes in the desert

Flower Color: White to/or greenish white or/to pinkish white; Purple

Flowering Season: Late Spring and Summer

Height: Climbs to 10 ft tall or more

How to Recognize this Weed

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In Arizona, this weed is spotted throughout southern and central region in washes and arroyos. It also begins flowering and growing at the beginning of April and will continue through October, but the seedpods continue living till November.

The typical individual flower has the typical milk-weed flower shape which consists of 5 sepals and 5 petals fringed with white hairs.

Its leaves are green, hairless, opposite, and vary in shape and are narrowly to broadly lance-shaped, or shaped like an arrow-head or heart-shaped. Stems are slender, green, and twining. If damaged, a milky juice can be seen exuding from the foliage.

The Hairy Milkweed has hairy leaves, the Wavyleaf twine vine has green flowers and wavy leaves.

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