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johnson grass weed control Johnsongrass Weed Control

Johnson Grass is one of the most abundant and vicious weeds throughout the United States.

It thrives in open, disturbed, rich, bottom ground, mainly in cultivated fields.

In Arizona, it is found along irrigation ditches, streams, and in any kind of moist waste area. Unless it is constantly controlled.

Johnsongrass has the ability to completely take over agricultural lands. This weed can grow as tall as 8 feet tall, not including the stem which may reach 2 1Ú2 feet deep in the dirt.

It can produce more than 80,000 seeds in a single season. The seeds easily fall to the ground and fall underneath the weed that produced them.

It begins flowering at the beginning of April and continues through November.

Johnsongrass is a very common weed throughout the warmer parts of the United States. First appeared in the southern states before the 1840's and was know by many names, some are Guinea grass, Means grass, and bankruptcy grass.

First documented in the state of Arizona in 1890 and was introduced as a hay or forage crop.

Johnson Grass Control Information

Belongs to the Poaceae Family

  • Origins:

    Johnsongrass is a weed native to the Mediterranean.

  • johnsongrass weed control Johnson Grass

  • Weed Characteristics:

    Cycle of Life: Its seeds are dispersed by water, wind, wildlife (mostly birds), livestock, and contaminated crops, and machinery (such as vehicles). One plant is capable of producing up to 80,000 seeds and 17.6 lbs of rhizomes in one growing season.

  • Appearance:

    Coarse looking perennial type grass. Stalks usually reach from 1.5 to over 6.5 feet tall. Bright and long green leaves provide leafy appearance and purplish.

  • Habitat and Environment:

    This weed mostly grows in disturbed areas (cultivated fields), along irrigating canals, open ground, and bottomlands. It can adapt to wide range of soil types (it prefers porous), fertile soils but thrives in warm, subtropical, humid environments with summer rainfall.

Johnson Grass Control Measures

Mechanical and Hand: Manual removal, including the rhizomous root, is recommended to be done often. Tilling, mowing, heavy grazing, and plowing are effective control measures.

Chemical: We use approved pest control products during our operation.

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